Jim Brown Net Worth(2023): Early Life, Career, Controversies and More!


Jim Brown was known as one of the legendary football fullback players of the National Football League (NFL). As a football player, Brown amassed many achievements and earned great respect from other players. Besides football, Brown was also a civil rights activist and also appeared in many movies and television shows.  Sadly, Brown left this world on 18 May 2023. At the time of his death, Jim Brown net worth was around $30 million, which he mainly earned from his football and acting career. 

If you are interested to know more about Jim Brown, keep reading. Here, we will discuss everything from his early life, career to controversies. 

Real Name James Nathaniel Brown
Date Of Birth 17 February, 1936
Died 18 May 2023
Age 87 Years
Gender Male
Height 1.88 m (6’2”)
Weight 232 lbs (75 kg)
Net worth $30 Million
Profession Football Fullback, Actor, and Civil Right Activist
Wives Sue Brown (1959-1972)

Monique Brown (1997-2023)

Parents Father, Swinton Brown .

Mother, Theresa Brown

Children 6
Nationality American

Jim Brown Net Worth

Jim Brown net worth was around $30 million at the time of his death. His football and acting career were the major contributor to his giant net worth. 

Early Life and Education

The Jim Brown we know today was born on 17 February 1936 in St. Simons Island, Georgia, United States. His father’s name was Swinton Brown, a professional boxer, and his mom’s name was Thersa, a homemaker. 

From a very young age, Brown had a great interest in football. Brown went to the Manhasset Secondary School in Manhasset. There, he played football and developed tremendous skills. During his school time, Brown also received 13 letters for playing football, baseball, lacrosse, basketball, and running track.

After completing his schooling, Brown attended Syracuse University where he played football at a bigger level, which ultimately helped him skill up and set a base for his career. 


The professional career of Jim Brown began when the 1957 Cleveland Brown team drafted him. Just after the selection, Brown broke the record by rushing for 237 yards while playing against the Los Angeles Rams. Within a few initial years of his career, Brown proved himself to be a fantastic player, breaking various records. 


In 1958, Brown broke a record by rushing for 1,527 yards in a single season. During his career, he also became the first-ever player with over 100 rushing touchdowns under his name. 

Jim Brown was so good at his game that he was known to be one of the most difficult players to tackle at that time. In 1964, Brown also won the NFL championship title. 

However, after accumulating many achievements, Brown decided to retire from his football career at 30 in 1966. Sources say that Brown retired from football to pursue his interest in acting. It is worth knowing that Brown was already into acting before retiring from his playing career. Thus, he wanted to focus entirely on building his acting career. 

Acting Career

Throughout his acting career, Brown worked in many movies and became a well-known actor.

The commencement of Brown’s acting career happened in 1964. He worked in a western movie named Rio Conchos, but the movie didn’t do well as it received mixed reviews from the audience. 

The second film he worked on was The Dirty Dozen, which was shot in London. And it was the same movie which made Brown decide to retire from his football career. Brown played an interesting role in the movie, and fortunately, the movie did well and became a hit. It opened the door to numerous other acting opportunities for Jim Brown. 

For instance, Brown was offered major roles in movies like Dark Of The Sun, Ice Station Zebra, The Split, and Riot. Due to his fantastic acting skills, Brown earned a good name in the Hollywood industry. He also received the title ‘Hollywood’s first black action star’. 

In 1969, Brown worked in another movie named 100 Rifles, which was a hit and received a lot of appreciation. 

Till 1975, Brown worked in many other movies like EL Condor, Kenner, Black Gun, Three The Hard Way, etc. But, after 1975, the opportunities Brown was receiving were reduced to minimal, which continued for the next few years. 

Because Brown was not receiving many opportunities in the film industry, he switched to the television industry. The shows he worked in include The-A Team, Knight Rider, CHiPs. He was also offered roles in a few movies like Mars Attacks!, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, Sucker Free City, etc. 

Besides his football and acting career, Brown was also involved in civil rights activities. He was probably the only famous African-American athlete working as a civil rights activist at that time. 

Source Of Income

The primary income sources of Jim Brown were his football and acting career. While being in these two industries, Brown amassed millions of dollars and earned massive respect from others. 

Jim Brown Net Worth

At the prime of his career, Brown was making around $50,000 per year, which was considered a significant income at that time. 

Real Estate 

Unfortunately, there are not any reliable sources providing information on how many estates he owns. 

Car Collection

Jim Brown had a very vast interest in cars. Hence, he chose to spend some of the portion of his wealth on some luxury cars. According to the sources, Jim Brown owned more than 20 luxury cars throughout his life, which includes some big brand names like Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes and Ford. 


As we know, Jim Brown had a great amount of money at his disposal. Thus, he must have some investments. However, we can’t say concretely as Brown hasn’t disclosed any information related to where he invests his money. 

Philanthropic Activities

Philanthropic Activities

Jim Brown also had a foundation named Amer-I-Can. The foundation mainly focuses on social change. Currently, it is operated by Brown’s wife, Monique.

 The foundation provides a 15-chapter life skills curriculum which helps individuals improve themselves academically and socially and contribute to the betterment of society. 

Social Media

Instagram 77 Thousand Followers
Facebook  167 Thousand Followers
Twitter  53 Thousand Followers

Personal Life

Jim Brown had two marriages during his lifetime.

In 1959, Jim Brown married his first wife, Sue Brown and had three children together. First, they had twins in 1960 and then had a son in 1962. However, their marriage didn’t last long, as they officially divorced in 1972. 

Jim Brown Net Worth

Then, within the next year, Brown engaged to an 18-year-old college student, Diane Stanley. But again, it didn’t last, and the couple broke their engagement in 1974. 

Brown had his second marriage in 1997 with Monique and had two children together. 


For a very long time, Jim Brown has been involved in various controversies, primarily related to violence against women.

For example, in 1999, Jim Brown was arrested for threatening her wife, Monique. After that year, he was again found guilty for damaging her car. In response, Brown was sentenced to three more years of probation and received one year of domestic violence counselling. 

The court also ordered him to serve 400 hours of community service. But, he ignored the orders and due to that, he was sentenced to six months in jail. However, he was released within three months. 

In 2022, a documentary, Secrets Of Playboy, was released, in which victims stated that Jim Brown brutally raped numerous women at the Playboy Mansion. Most of the incidents that took place were between 1970 to 1990. These are the same years when Brown was accused and arrested for assaulting women. Brown went to jail for around 7 times throughout his life.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Money Was Jim Brown Worth When He died?

During the time of death, Brown was worth around $30 million.

What Was Jim Brown’s Salary In The NFL?

According to a source, Brown received $13 thousand as a salary from the NFL. 

What ended Jim Brown’s NFL Career?

The main reason why Brown retired from the NFL was because he wanted to pursue his interest in acting. 

How Many Children Jim Brown Had? 

Jim Brown was the proud dad of six children. 


Jim Brown had a remarkable professional career, which not only helped him earn a tremendous amount of money, but some true admirers as well. It can be said that before his death, he left behind a legendary image of himself. At the time of his death, Jim Brown net worth was $30 million. 

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