How to start a cleaning business + checklist

Some places require that cleaning services be bonded, so make sure to check if you have any such requirement before setting up your business to avoid any large unexpected expenses. It is recommended to have business insurance when starting a cleaning business in Virginia. Business insurance can help protect your business and personal assets in the event of a lawsuit or other legal claim.
A corporation is a separate legal entity owned by shareholders, meaning it can own property, be held liable, pay taxes, and enter contracts. This structure provides the most legal protection but is complex to set up and manage. As you finalize the specifics for your cleaning enterprise and define your service offerings, the next step is to write a business plan. Remember, when starting, you’ll likely handle most jobs independently. A large mansion might look tempting, but it might be more dust than it’s worth. Restaurant cleaning services involve cleaning restaurants and commercial kitchens, including ovens, grills, refrigeration units, hoods, exhaust systems, and dining and restroom areas.
The benefit here is that you already have built-in brand recognition, policies, and procedures. The cost and amount of supplies you need to operate depends entirely on the services you offer and how many clients you have. If you’re cleaning a handful of private residences each week, you can buy supplies in bulk at retailers like Sam’s Club or Costco. Ross Kimbarovsky is seasoned entrepreneur, small business expert and startup mentor with over 30 years of experience in business, marketing, technology, and law. He is the CEO and Founder of crowdspring, a leading platform for custom design and creative services. A general list might include cleaning solutions, cloths, brushes, gloves, a mop and bucket, a vacuum cleaner, and a caddy or cart to transport these items.
It’s important to keep these well stocked, especially during a busy week, in case of any supply chain shortages or other random occurrences. Providing flexible, customer-chosen options for residential services can be a good niche service as well. Advertising your services to homes with young children is a good way to build up a client base because families need consistent services. The cost to register a cleaning business in Virginia ranges from $100 to $200, depending on the type of business entity you choose. This fee covers the filing of necessary documents, such as the Articles of Organization for an LLC or Articles of Incorporation for a corporation.
Once you have an established service and roster of clients, you can sign up for a platform like, TaskRabbit, or Handy to make it easier for clients to find your business. Having customer reviews and a registered business will strengthen your online profile. An important part of finding and maintaining clients is having set rates that you can provide. According to HomeAdvisor, the average price to clean a single-family home is $120-$150. Yes, it’s highly recommended to have insurance to protect your business.
Market research also allows you to find out what services your competition is offering, how they price their services, and what sets them apart from others. Even if your state doesn’t require workers’ comp, you should still consider it so that both you and your employees are protected from the cost of injuries on the job. Reinvesting your profits back into your company is the key to growing successfully.
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SEOMoz says hold the opinions and experiences of those they know above social media marketing and advertisements. And word of mouth continues to be a powerful form of marketing – especially for a cleaning business. Getting paid promptly and smoothly in your cleaning business is just as crucial as doing a great job.
Communicating your pricing structure to customers is essential to avoid confusion or misunderstandings. Cleaning prices in Manhattan can be substantially different from cleaning prices in Kansas. Training your staff is essential to ensure consistent and high-quality service. This cost includes the time spent and the resources used during training.

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