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YouTube videos

If you’re thinking about why you require a plugin to embed YouTube videos on WordPress website, then consider this: YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform across the globe. YouTube has more than 2 billion active monthly users and more than 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute. This is the reason WordPress website owners often embed YouTube videos on their website content. 

When you add YouTube videos to your WordPress website it will boost engagement, provide sharable content for social media, and drive traffic to your website. Branding, marketing, and displaying diverse content as videos are a powerful tool that appeals to audiences. When you add YouTube videos to website, it will improve the visibility in Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs) and make it important for SEO. Read the below-mentioned list to find the best plugins to embed YouTube videos on your WordPress website.

What Do You Understand WordPress YouTube Plugins?

To showcase YouTube videos or feeds on a WordPress website, an extension that can be installed is referred to as a WordPress YouTube plugin. This plugin will easily enable users to embed videos from YouTube into their WordPress websites and can easily customize the display of those videos. 

You can add branding, change the layout, and add additional options like video playlists or live streaming. These plugins are designed to simplify the embedding process of YouTube videos to a WordPress website without needing any technical knowledge from the user. 

List Of Best WordPress YouTube Plugins 

Here is the list of best plugins that you will need to embed YouTube videos on WordPress after considering several factors. These plugins contain some of the best free and pro features, check them out! 

1. Tagembed For YouTube 

One of the leading social media aggregator tools- Tagembed enables users to curate, aggregate, and embed more than 20 social feed networks. The Tagembed plugin has no complex structure and it is very easy to use. For filtering and moderating the content before embedding it on the website, this tool will provide a content moderation filter. One can easily add these plugins to their WordPress websites in simple and easy steps. Tagembed WordPress plugin will help to boost engagement, build social proof for your brand, Escalate conversions & sales, and provide robust customer support. 

2. Feeds For YouTube 

A versatile WordPress YouTube plugin, Feeds For YouTube permits users to embed YouTube feeds on their websites and personalize them to match the charm of the website. You can take two ways to connect to YouTube: by connecting your YouTube account or through an API method. Creating an API key is more complex but it provides additional features while connecting your account is a straightforward method. The additional options like live streaming capabilities, adding playlists, single videos, and favorites. 

Styling and designing your YouTube feed is easy with the Feeds For YouTube plugin. This plugin provides several features like cards, templates, a carousel, a gallery, list, and will also feature your latest video.

3. Envira Gallery 

For WordPress, Envira Gallery is one of the most feature-rich gallery plugins that also benefit YouTubers. You can easily embed videos with the help of Envira Gallery. To create a visually appealing gallery to feature your YouTube content where you can also videos in a lightbox and embed thumbnails on the pages. 

There are several customization options are also provided by Envira Gallery such as margins, padding, defining dimensions, enabling lazy loading, and number of columns. To get access to these video features, a user needs to upgrade to a pro license. 

4. Video Gallery 

The user-friendly interface makes the Vidoe Gallery one of the best WordPress YouTube plugins. To create stunning video galleries on your WordPress website, this plugin is effortless. There is no need for an API key like other plugins and you can simply paste the YouTube link into the setup backend. 

By adding descriptions, titles, and overlay images to each video, you can personalize the video gallery. You can feature countless videos in your gallery as there is no limit to the number of videos. To configure the settings and embed galleries with a simple shortcode, users can follow the setup instructions and make it easy to use for users who don’t have any technical expertise. 

5. Embed Press 

Another YouTube WordPress plugin on the list is Embed Press which permits users to embed and show different types of content on their websites with the help of a URL. Including YouTube, this tool supports more than 75 different types of media sources. For embedding, Embed Press gives personalization options which include aspect ratio, player size, and auto-play settings. 

For easy insertion of media and content to web pages, it provides a classic editor, Gutenberg block, shortcodes, and Elementor integration. You can fully customize your YouTube feeds as per your requirements with the help of Embed Press. For both Gutenberg and Elementor users, Embed Press provides custom blocks that allow more advanced customization options. 

6. Embed Plus YouTube 

For WordPress users, Embed Plus YouTube is a powerful plugin who want to improve their YouTube embeds. Embed Plus enables users to easily control the autoplay, video playback, and other video settings. This plugin is convenient because it saves time and effort as users don’t need to visit YouTube to edit their videos. 

Ending Note 

To embed YouTube videos on WordPress website, these are the 6 best plugins that you can use easily. These aforementioned tools provide some additional features and can be used in different ways depending on your requirements. There are several benefits of embedding YouTube videos on websites like getting better SERPs and increased traffic. Use these tools and enjoy the advantages.

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