10 Proven Tips for Writing Engaging and Shareable Blog Content!


Do you want to write an irresistible blog post that hundreds of thousands of people love to read?

Writing an excellent blog post is not as easy as it sounds. It demands skills to craft a post that clicks with the readers.

From coming up with valuable ideas to penning them down on paper, a blog requires tremendous effort.

A well-crafted blog post helps you to drive conversions and generate leads. Therefore, you should hone your blog writing skills

Three Qualities of a Top-Quality Blog Post

Before diving into the blog writing phase, you should know what makes a good blog post. Undoubtedly, blogging is a skill, so you can acquire it. 

  • It Is Optimized 

Optimizing your blog is a must-do thing. You should insert relevant keywords in your content. 

  • It Is Easy To Scan And Read

Remember, people have very short attention spans. If you fail to engage them from the very beginning, they will go elsewhere for crucial information. 

As a blog writer, it’s your primary responsibility to keep your readers attracted. So avoid jargon and write in understandable language. 

  • It Provides An Ultimate Solution 

We read content because we are facing some challenges that need to be fixed. Likewise, you have a particular question in mind that needs to be answered.

Plus, you are looking for a secret recipe to get rid of your problems. In simple words, you are looking for content that unveils a complete solution to your worries.

But there are hundreds of blogs covering the same topic. How can you stand out from the rest?

You have to provide the best possible solution to people’s problems in the most appropriate way. For this, you have to break down your main topic into smaller and manageable chunks and subtopics. 

Ten Actionable Tips for Writing an Epic Blog Post

Follow these impeccable tips to write a tailor-made blog and reach your target audience.

  • Select An Appropriate Topic

First things first!

Choose the topic that resonates with your target audience. If your blog is linked with your business, you should develop vital ideas that provide worth to your target readers. 

Also, you can ask your regular customers about the topics they are interested in. Another foolproof step to develop the best topic is to analyze your competitors. 

But avoid stealing their ideas. Instead, only take inspiration from their blogs. 

  • Craft An Outline

Now, you need a solid roadmap to writing a well-developed blog. 

Make an outline and list down all the main and supporting points on the page. These main points will become separate sections in your content. 

It would be best to follow an essay’s outline in your blog post. Start with an introduction, include body paragraphs, and finish with a convincing conclusion. 

Plus, your blog should also contain a strong call to action. 

  • Generate A Clickable Blog Title And Description

You are familiar with the shorter time span of the readers. Therefore, you should hook them from the very beginning and produce an irresistible title and description. 

The title and description should most significantly remain under 60 and 160 characters, respectively. All characters written above this character limit will be hidden. 

So what to do?

How should I write a top-notch title and description?

This is where the need for a reliable word counter tool rises. Many professional marketers, seasoned content writers, and copywriters benefit from an online word counter to produce high-quality titles and descriptions.

You can measure characters’ length with and without spaces. How amazing it is!

Moreover, you can also use an online word counter to measure a blog’s length. It enables you to stick to a particular character and word limit. 

In simple words, you can easily trim unnecessary characters from your title and description.

  • Surprise Your Audience 

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs available on the internet that is filled with suggestions and viewpoints. How can you make a huge difference in this era of competition?

You can make a massive difference only when you know how to pique your readers’ interests. So, surprise them.

  • Write Your First Draft

Include a hook statement in the introduction.

An introductory paragraph is the best place to hook your readers. Accordingly, you should spark your readers’ interest in the opening paragraph.

How to attract readers?

The most authentic way to engage readers is to place statistics in the very beginning. Plus, you can also target their challenges and pain points. 

  • Write The Way You Speak

Remember, the blog is not an academic copy; thus, avoid using robotic language

Instead, keep communicating conversationally.  

  • Get Critical Feedback

You have finished your first draft, right?


It’s time to add flavors to it. You should let it be checked by your close friend or family member and ask for their opinions.

It would be best if you have hired your editor. 

Underline all the areas in which you are not performing well. 

  • Incorporate A Strong Call To Action

Now, you have to ask readers to take a course of action. You can ask them to make a purchase, leave their valuable comments, and more.

Also, you should include a sense of urgency.

  • Proofread And Edit Your Blog 

Give yourself some time, and then dive into the proofreading and editing phase. Read the draft aloud and eliminate all the unnecessary and choppy words and phrases. 

Additionally, do not forget to remove the grammatical and punctuation errors. 

Remember, you polish the blog through the editing phase. Also, you have to focus on checking the formatting elements. 

  • Follow A Good SEO Strategy

The better you follow the SEO strategy, the higher your blog post will rank!

Your goal should be to reach your target people. Include primary and secondary keywords in meta title, description, and content. 

Wrap Up 

The majority of writers love to write content, but the bitter reality is that you have to come up with a keyword-centric approach. This will assist you in reaching the exact audience. 

Hopefully, this post covered all of your concerns and fixed your pain points.

It’s time to go on and start writing your blog post.

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