Team CM

Hello all this is fnj00. I am the site host and was the guy you saw in all the videos under the account fnj001. I would first like to say to the community and team CM I am sorry for all the drama that has unfolded over the past few days/weeks and would like to clear it all up with the community and CM. I am doing this fully on my own will without any backing from whats left of team-touchdroid.

I was in no way involved in any of the active development beyond testing builds and posting videos. Any information I collected and posted, whether valid or not, was from other team members. I have since removed all invalid and discrediting content from the site.

The code for our touchscreen driver was found on a public pastebin which was believed to be from team CM by some of our team members. This was later proven by team CM as well as other publicly posted channel logs. Some team members decided to use this code against team CM and not publicly credit CM team for this release which was wrong.

As the drama unfolded the team began to break up and its trusted members are no longer actively working on a port for the HP touchpad under this team.

I have plans to release a system dump from my touchpad of what the team had to the community to allow any individuals to continue work on this vanilla port to the touchpad. I will also include instructions on getting this running on the touchpad.

Further information on this release will be posted here on the site.

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