Choosing the Right Cell Phone

Choosing the Right Cell Phone

How do you decide on the phone that’s best for you?

Cell phones are a staple in today’s society. But the phones available today can be next to impossible to use if you have limited use of your hands or a vision or hearing impairment. So how do you choose one that’s right for you?

Many cell phone companies have begun manufacturing and marketing cell phones specifically geared toward the disabled and the elderly. Finding the phone that works best for you is just a process of simple trial and error.

The first thing you’ll need to do is research. Get online and Google cell phones for the disabled and the elderly. Read through the results and narrow your list of possible choices. You can do this fairly easily with just a look at the web page the product offers. If the web pages well designed, easy-to-use and looks professional, the company is probably reputable. If the page has poor spelling and grammar and is not very informative, steer clear of the company. There are also several review sites like Upcoming Phones which feature news and reviews of the latest smartphones.

Next, visit a cell phone store or The Connection Center at most Wal-Mart Supercenters. The associates at any of these places will be trained to help you find the phone that is best for you. Try out the phones that the stores have on display by punching the numbers, seeing if the screen is big enough and finding out if you can open and close it.

If you don’t want to purchase a phone in the store, order it over the phone or online. Whether you buy a phone in the store or directly from the company, you will have a 30-day trial period in which to try out the phone in real life situations and see if it is truly the best fit for you. If not, start the process again.

Some of the cell phones available for the disabled and elderly are:

Jitterbug Dial. Some of the features of this simple, no-frills phone include 24-hour operator assistance, a powerful speaker, a large, bright screen and a large, backlit keypad.

Jitterbug OneTouch. The keypad on this phone features only three buttons – a 911 key, a personalized direct dial key and an operator key. The phone also features an earpiece cushion, a powerful speaker and a large, well-lit screen.

Verizon Wireless Coupe. This phone features a simplified navigation menu, large keypad and screen, a dedicated 911 key and three ICE (In Case of Emergency) keys, making it simpler than ever to get a hold of your contacts.

Evaluate all your choices. Don’t be intimidated by all the gadgetry that comes on today’s cell phones and don’t settle for a phone that isn’t a perfect fit for you.

matrix sim

The Matrix SIM Scam – How Matrix Cellular Service cheats its users

Matrix Cellular service have got a bad reputation these days in the matter of Matrix SIM. It is bombarded with countless allegations for cheating customers through charging hidden charges and in addition the service providers threatening the customers by sending them legal notice. Is this just a speculation? No not at all, I have been scammed by this fraud. So I am writing this to educate the mobile customers especially those who  are bound to make international calls.

One of the most significant cheat methods that have come up recently is the international phone forwarding scam. This crime has become a serious matter because it puts the personal as well as financial security  of a mobile phone user at risk. For instance, the Matrix Sim services are currently involved in this and are cheating customers every day.

How is this scam executed?

Matrix mobile services scam people in many different ways. One of the most common ways is billing with false data. For instance, if a person was abroad for 10 days and used matrix sim for 3 or 4 calls, the matrix will charge him for 15 to 20 calls. Also they make false claim on the money showing it as taxes on the bill. Many of the Matrix customers are keep in dark by not giving essential details about the tariff. The customer gets to know the company plans after he is billed a large number. The plan of pro-rata basis and surcharge are intimated later when the bill is sent to the customer.

How Matrix Sim Scam is done to cheat mobile users?

  1. First matrix person gathers your travel details from the travel agency. Start consoling and trapping you actually by offering low plans
  2. Matrix person will not send you a tariff plan stating that compulsory monthly costs are Rs. 200. This is specified print on matrix rules and guidelines.
  3. Once you accept the terms sims will be promptly delivered
  4. Then the trap will begin, they may send you emails with some running around plans of us /UK.
  5. They next send Singapore plans to create some interest in international calling.
  6. In the mean time, they collect your credit cards details and swipe for rs 100- the real capture will be after your travel
  7. When you call the customer care, He or She will promptly verify not to worry, billing will be done as per the pdf directed by them.
  8. At this point the trap begins, a person is asked to click on a radio on the email sent to you. Once you click “yes” you are treated by these individuals as trapped.
  9. You will expect that the bill will be as per use however things change.
  10. Now bill is going to be in dollars not in Indian rupees
  11. Prices are not as per tariff inclined to you in the beginning
  12. Costs will be sent on Monday night so that you cannot do anything. If you complaint they will reply Monday we will resolve
  13. Monday promptly your own card account will be debited. They don’t attend your criticism. Simply reply that bill is as per the stated plan.

They ignore your telephone calls. Customer care person even will  inform you to do whatever you want.

Once you gave them the actual Credit Card details you have sold yourself to these people. You might take the SIM card along with enjoying your Travel / holidays without knowing that you could have already taken a step toward being cheated. Every time you use your mobile phone to make any call, you are already debited irrespective of the type of call. Your bills will indicate charges for calls produced by you from the places you could have never called from or maybe will call in this life.

Your bill statement will show all ridiculous figures for example call coming from location A to B for 8 moments the charge is 0.18 cents quick the next call from very same point A to B for 4 mere seconds you are charged for zero. 35 cents. You actually send an e-mail to the matrix for clarification, they will certainly not bother to reply anyone.

You call them in order to put you on hold or perhaps keep you transferring from one operator to other till you get mad and hang up the call.

If you are travelling to Europe, the Middle East, Australia, U. S. A. etc . you must be aware that your local sim card will be incurred heavily for the roaming costs when used overseas. Generally, people who visit other countries for a short period tend to look for cheaper options of using their mobile access while travelling. Matrix Sim services prey on such mobile users and promises to give cheap international calling services, but the bills say a different story after usage. They are conveniently positioned in major cities and are scamming people in large number.

Here are some of the Matrix Sim fraud cases

Case 1 : Free calls Matrix scam    

A person at the airport sells Matrix SIM cards saying that Singapore to India calls is free for half an hour. Mobile user finds it useful and buys it. After reaching Singapore user decides to make calls through Matrix SIM for less than an hour. After returning to India, the bill shows a massive 30,000rs charges.  No explanation on this. The customer representatives don’t give any explanation.

Case 2: International Internet Usage Matrix Scam

A user who is not informed about International internet costs from Matrix SIM service visits Japan. There he makes two calls but does not use any internet as he is using from a local wifi connection. After coming back to India, he sees a bill of 14000INR.

So if you are traded a Matrix SIM for international usage then never buy it. It is a total scam on the customers. Currently, many are filing complaints on the company and many unknown people are still getting cheated from this fraudulent telephone operator. If you are travelling abroad you must be aware of all the rules and regulations about mobile phone usage to avoid getting trapped from the telephone bills. When suddenly a customer is charged hefty bills for no reason it becomes a serious nuisance.

Those who have already experienced Matrix SIM scam must educate more people by posting their experience on the internet consumer forums. After many efforts of consumers to tell the reality of the Matrix mobile service, finally, some response is coming from their representatives on the forum. However, there is no guarantee of return of money. It is best to avoid such telecom operator. There are many other affordable options to stay in contact with your beloved ones. Why not use the Skype calling wherever possible to reduce the costs of international calling? This is totally free and you can have video chat along with sending your voice. You can even buy a temporary local travel SIM from abroad itself which comes for far lesser charge than charged by Matrix SIM service.

Before buying any SIM, educate yourself about the rules of the mobile service provider to avoid unnecessary billing problems. Research the internet to know about any possible fraud activities done by the operator on mobile users. You can check forums to know the credibility and trustworthiness of the SIM provider to avoid getting into scams.

Overall, one must never get carried away for buying Matrix SIM. They are simply cheats and irresponsible people.  If you are cheated you should surely file a complaint at the consumer court.

Donations used for Dev TouchPads

Donation money was used to purchase touchpads for another dev team. This was not used in any way to help directly support our team’s dev efforts.

IRC log posted below from b16:

< b16a2smith> 4 touch pads have been bought
< b16a2smith> Thanks a ton
< b16a2smith> It came in handy at just the right time
< b16a2smith> Now they are all gone lol
< b16a2smith> If anyone has any questions, you can hit me up on twitter @b1six

Team CM

Hello all this is fnj00. I am the site host and was the guy you saw in all the videos under the account fnj001. I would first like to say to the community and team CM I am sorry for all the drama that has unfolded over the past few days/weeks and would like to clear it all up with the community and CM. I am doing this fully on my own will without any backing from whats left of team-touchdroid.

I was in no way involved in any of the active development beyond testing builds and posting videos. Any information I collected and posted, whether valid or not, was from other team members. I have since removed all invalid and discrediting content from the site.

The code for our touchscreen driver was found on a public pastebin which was believed to be from team CM by some of our team members. This was later proven by team CM as well as other publicly posted channel logs. Some team members decided to use this code against team CM and not publicly credit CM team for this release which was wrong.

As the drama unfolded the team began to break up and its trusted members are no longer actively working on a port for the HP touchpad under this team.

I have plans to release a system dump from my touchpad of what the team had to the community to allow any individuals to continue work on this vanilla port to the touchpad. I will also include instructions on getting this running on the touchpad.

Further information on this release will be posted here on the site.

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